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The ultimate guide to DraftKings sportsbook

Jason Robbins with his two friends owned DraftKings sportsbook. It was created in the year 2012 with the collaboration of Jason Robbins, Matthew Kalish, and Paul Liberman, which provides an alternative to long fantasy football.

It is the biggest competitor of FanDuel, which started daily fantasy sports. Though gambling is now legalized in most countries, DK also moves to set up Draftkings sportsbooks.

Draftkings sportsbook is the most favorite app for betting if you prefer to do

  • Majority of your betting fantasy on an app
  • Research on relevant status States and trains before starting your betting
  • a legal betting career in the United States
  • And finally registered players on DraftKings DFS

It has the best application in the betting industry, which helps get reliable information regarding all tournaments held around the world.

Design of app

Draftkings sportsbook is the most favorite app

DraftKings sportsbook has a user-friendly design that is easily installed on all devices. The interface is very easy for both professional and new players similar to other DFS platforms. This is the only betting app that is available on mobile via application, but it is not a big deal for the players as they easily choose an option updating on the web rather than on the phone.

Well installing the application, the Draftkings will require you to set your location. Once the location is confirmed by the DraftKings sportsbook, it will easily install on your Smartphones

Where is DraftKings sportsbook legal

DraftKings sportsbook legal

Betting is not at all legal on all borders of the country. DraftKings sportsbook is only available in the USA, Canada, and other selected justification. So if you are on their legal country list, then you can easily operate DraftKings from your smartphone.

DraftKings sportsbook odds

This is one of the biggest limitations of the DraftKings sportsbook. This sportsbook often charges more than its other competitors like Fanduel. The pricing of the odds is much higher than its other contemporary apps also. The pricing of odds is subjected to change according to their availability but in recent times there is no such action recorded. Based on its analysis of thousands of data points Draftkings sportsbook charges the highest price in the industry with an average of 5%.

Draftkings customer support

Whenever you have any problem while playing betting, you first search for the FAQ section. DraftKings Sportsbook has viewed three FAQ sections. This is one of the most useful sections that listed all the problems that a customer often faces. The daily fantasy sports FAQ has nine sections that show you how you can solve your problem by yourself. 

While contacting customer support the sportsbook has different options. For daily fantasy sports, there is a section for email and query forms. If you do not want to email or fill out the form then you can also contact their supportive Staffs who are available from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM every day.

One of the drawbacks of customer service is, that there is still now no live chat facility. It is the most useful or trustworthy the option player looking for.